Rent To Own

At Drummers Dream & Dream Music, we like to give our customers flexibility so they can get their hands on the equipment they want.

To help you realise your dreams, we offer a Rent-to-Own program, so you don’t have to compromise on quality.  Whether you’re a beginner who wants the right equipment to help you develop or a professional who wants to upgrade, we can help you with a flexible rental plan.

Drummers Dream & Dream Music's Rent-to-Own program gives you:

  • Gear you’re dreaming about, straightaway without having to pay for the total cost upfront.
  • Very latest equipment
  • No large upfront outlays
  • Equipment that’s maintained by our professional staff throughout the rental period

Apply to buy

Love the gear? Want to buy it? No problems. While minimum rental periods apply, you can still arrange to buy the equipment at any time. Just ask us how.